Custom Work

Flaio is a haven for those seeking the extraordinary in fashion, specializing in custom rhinestone application on garments that bring a touch of sparkle to any wardrobe. Our expertise lies in creating bespoke pieces that radiate elegance, perfect for those special moments where you want to shine. Whether it's a stunning costume for a theatrical performance or a personalized garment for a gala event, our skilled artisans meticulously hand-apply each crystal, ensuring precision and perfection. Our custom work extends beyond new creations; we also offer services to breathe new life into existing garments, transforming them into dazzling masterpieces that capture the eye.

For clients looking to replicate existing costumes or designs, Flaio provides an unparalleled service. We understand the significance of iconic costumes and the nostalgia they hold. Our team works diligently to recreate these pieces with impeccable attention to detail, matching patterns, colors, and the overall essence of the original design. The process involves a thorough consultation to understand the client's vision, followed by a careful selection of rhinestones that complement the fabric and design of the garment. This service is perfect for performers, artists, or anyone looking to own a piece of replicated fashion history adorned with the sparkling allure of rhinestones.

Understanding the diverse needs of our clientele, Flaio also offers crystal application services for existing items. Be it a favorite jacket, a pair of jeans, or a cherished handbag, our team can transform them into unique, eye-catching pieces. This service is ideal for those looking to add a personal touch to their existing wardrobe. Get in touch today!